This is our entry into the Beans Jam '22 with the theme "We have to stay awake" (Wir müssen wach bleiben)

In the game you play as a boy that gets to play video games all night while his parents are gone... But soon the insomnia catches up with him and he begins to imagine weird things... 

We implemented the following challenges from the jam:

- Architekt

- Handgemalt

All assets except for the music were created by ourselves. Music credit goes to:

Marllon Silva a.k.a xDeviruchi


WASD or ArrowKeys to navigate camera

Clicking on Icons in the Build menu to select different towers to build.

Clicking on tiles in the game to build the selected towers.


This is a classic Tower Defense Game, in which you have to defend your base (in this case your gaming console) from enemies. Do so by building defensive turrets that will attack enemy units when they get in range. If your base is destroyed you lose. 

Try to survive as long as possible and feel free to post your highscore in the comments ;)


Try to use the walls and turrets to create mazelike paths. You cannot place tiles in a way that makes empty tiles on the map unreachable from the enemy portals.

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